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StakeWise Integrations

This page lists the integrations that are currently available with the StakeWise platform.


StakeWise Platform - Compound Earnings rETH2 to sETH2 (Compound Tab) -

Liquidity Pools

Uniswap Platform - SWISE/sETH2 Pool / Provide Liquidity -
Harvest Platform - ETH/sETH2 Pool / Provide Liquidity - (search for sETH2, click on result)
Uniswap Platform - ETH/sETH2 Pool / Provide Liquidity -
1inch Platform - 1inch/SWISE Pool / Provide Liquidity -


Uniswap Platform - ETH/sETH2 Pool / Trade sETH2 back to ETH - (change WETH to ETH before swapping)
1inch Platform - 1inch/SWISE Pool / Trade for SWISE (select desired currency to swap to SWISE) -

Leverage (Use at own risk)

Rari Capital Platform - Fuse Pool (Highly Experimental) -